Doug Scarborough

Bridging worlds through music

BRIDGES (2015)

By Doug Scarborough

Featuring an eclectic, international all-star band, the music on Bridges ranges from dynamic and exhilarating to contemplative and passionate. This record pioneers a new approach to jazz trombone by incorporating the traditional Middle Eastern system of scales and quarter tones.  Because of its slide, the trombone lends itself ideally to playing notes and scales not possible on the piano, and Scarborough navigates these waters with skill and grace.  

Similar artists: Ibrahim Maalouf, Avashai Cohen, Dhafer Youssef.

Engineered and Produced by Bob Stark.



1. Tarab

2. Hammer It Out

3. Our Sons

4. Envelope Push

5. The Wonder of Every Stranger

6. Vision and Voice

7. The Red Pill

8. Under the Cedars