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Artist Statement

Hey friends and passersby! I had the pleasure of recording this artist statement for my recently released album, Bridges.  I recorded this interview in French (with English and Arabic subtitles) to speak directly to the millions of French speakers who love music like this.  Watch if you want to hear a brief explanation of my intentions behind Bridges and the impact I hope for it to have in the world community.

Cheers, Doug.


Last week I had a chance to sit down with Nate and Meg to do a quick interview about my new album, BRIDGES! If you want to hear more about what you can expect from the album and the (thought) process behind it, check this out! Exactly 2 weeks until the album drops!


Blending jazz and Middle Eastern music is not new, but Bridges will be special because it marks the first time a trombonist has played, composed and recorded Middle Eastern music.  I was inspired mainly by 3 incredible musicians.  Sit back and enjoy!

Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf

Israeli bassist Avashai Cohen 

Moroccan oud player Dhafer Youssef


MEET THE BAND   The band with me on this CD is made up of insanely talented musicians from diverse, international backgrounds.  I'd like you to meet them!

Tarik Banzi – oud

  • Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Ph.D.
  • Moroccan heritage, committed to creating a peaceful understanding between the East and West through the arts
  • Member of Al Andalus Ensemble, winner of the JPFolks "Peoples Grammy Award" for “Best World Music Song of 2009” and "Vox Pop Award" for "Best Contemporary Classical Album of 2010"
  • Website:

Damian Erskine – bass

  • Jaco Patsorius Big Band, Gino Vannelli, Peter Erskine, many others
  • On faculty at Portland State University
  • Website:

Gary Hobbs – drums

  • Stan Kenton Orchestra, Randy Brecker, many others
  • Has played on over 60 recordings
  • On faculty at U. of Oregon
  • Website:


  • Palestinian multi-instrumentalist
  • Performs all over the West Coast (US)

Jeremy Siskind - piano, Rhodes

  • Winner of the 2012 Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition
  • His new CD, Housewarming, features Grammy-winning vocalists Kurt Elling and Peter Eldridge.
  • Chair of the Piano Department at Western Michigan University since 2014
  • Website:


Prepping for our first "photoshoot."

Prepping for our first "photoshoot."

The release of this website marks my first major step in promoting my upcoming album, BRIDGES. I will be working with two Whitman Film & Media Studies students, Nate Fleming and Meg Logue, throughout this endeavor. They're keeping me on my toes as we brace for lots of tech-savvy promo!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates and exciting productions! I appreciate any and all support -- whether that be liking, sharing, or giving your feedback!

Let's work together to spread this music around the globe!