Doug Scarborough

Bridging worlds through music

Mood Du Jour (2000)

By Doug Scarborough

On my second album I streamlined my singer-songwriter chops with 13 innovative tracks of acoustic guitar driven alt-folk-pop, with themes exploring life through relationship issues.  While some classify my music as “jazzy folk”, in actuality it reflects layered influences from across the musical spectrum.  You’ll hear a balance of soul-searching slow songs and upbeat driving numbers.  Guest artists include legendary guitar phenom Shawn Lane, drummer Christian Teele of E-Town, and more.  

Similar artists: John Mayer, Ani DiFranco, Michael Hedges.

Engineered and Produced by Greg Heimbecker in Greeley, CO.



1. Narrow It Down

2. Weight

3. Brothers and Sisters

4. Further

5. True

6. Kaleidoscope

7. Tangled

8. All I Am

9. I Never

10. Wooden Flowers

11. I Don't Know Why

12. Carry On

13. There You Are