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Childsplay (full album - 1996)

Childsplay - Cover - FULL ALBUM.jpg
Childsplay - Cover - FULL ALBUM.jpg

Childsplay (full album - 1996)

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My debut recording has a little bit of everything in a “white album” kind of way. Childsplay gives you a couple ballads, a couple funky pieces, alt-rock anthems, and a title track that will get your foot tapping in 11/8 time. Here, I sing and play keyboards, bass, guitar, trombone and harmonica on twelve original tracks of unapologetic all-American pop, with jazz influences ranging from muted to overt.

Similar artists:  Sting, Level 42, Paul McCartney.

Engineered and Produced by Scott Coopwood in Shelby, MS.

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1. Paisley Rhino Thermos Band

2. Not Today

3. Just When

4. Do You Mind?

5. Stirred, Not Shaken

6. No Shadow

7. Proof

8. If And When

9. Childsplay

10. $100 Deductible

11. Leaving

12. 6ix Pack