Doug Scarborough

Bridging worlds through music


Hear what other musicians and music aficionados have to say.

BILL WATROUS. Jazz Trombonist.

Bridges is “…some of the most interesting, original music coming from anybody in a long, long time."

GREGG AKKERMAN. Author of Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion.

"Scarborough has accomplished the daunting task of combining complex rhythms and exotic harmonies with improvisational swagger resulting in something as sophisticated as it is downright fun."

SAMUEL JONES. Seattle Symphony Composer-in-Residence 1997-2011.

"Doug Scarborough’s new CD, Bridges, is aptly named and a real find. A musical connection between two cultures, this exceptional album blends Doug’s deep knowledge of American jazz with sounds learned from his travels in the Middle East. Immediately likeable and superbly crafted, these eight new songs are performed by a group of fabulous musicians. A joy to hear. Highly recommended!"

GAVIN BONDY. Pink Martini.

"[Bridges] is some great work here, a superlative cast of characters on stage: imaginative, expressive, hopeful, sincere, always listening and loving.  The energy comes in waves, building and receding, and building bigger till it breaks on the shore, all the while, pushed by a soundscape pleasant on the ears: Rhodes interspersed with passionate oud, Damian's beautiful bass, the flavourful, dancing sound of the trombone, the omnipresent and ever-delightful sounds of Gary’s drums.  At once cerebral and aesthetic, mature yet still believing, an expression of joy, pain and faith; this is the stuff that inspires bedroom dancing.   Sublime."

LAURA HALL. KWCW Radio Host, Walla Walla, WA 

Bridges is “…ground-breaking in that no other artist has recorded the trombone playing Middle Eastern music fused with American jazz. Hopefully it will succeed in drawing cultures together, as was the creator’s vision."